Eagle One Security, Inc.

QUALITY PROTECTION                         COMPETITIVE RATES                             SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE


Owner, Brian Gosewisch has 20 years of experience in every aspect of the security industry. Our business has grown year after year, primarily through referrals and networking, without slick marketing or high-pressure cold calls, so our reputation speaks for itself.


We insist on only the best in products and services when it comes to protecting our customers' homes, businesses, belongings and loved ones. We will not cut corners just to make a sale, and will not put our name on anything that does not meet our stringent standards. Our high rate of customer satisfaction and customer retention is proof of our commitment to superior products and service. We do not require monitoring contracts* for customers who pay for the installation up front, because we feel that our long term success depends on earning the trust and loyalty of our customers; we know that our business growth relies on customer loyalty and referrals, and that's why our number one priority is serving our community.


Being a small business, it can be challenging to compete with the big, national companies that can afford expensive commercials and high customer turnover rates; and especially challenging to compete with the draw of "free" stuff. But we cannot give our products away, and we don't pretend to. The reality is that no one can give away quality products and stay in business; so be wary of anyone telling you that you can get something for free. Make no mistake about it, you will pay for your system in the long run in the form of higher monthly fees and lengthy contracts. Eagle One Security, Inc. can also take a smaller down payment and add the remainder to your monthly monitoring fees, but we call it what it is: FINANCING. We will show you your total installation cost UP FRONT, without gimmicks or deceptive sales tactics, and our basic monthly fee never changes (unless you add a SERVICE, such as Alarm.com cellular communication). Our basic monthly monitoring has never changed...ever. Extra devices, such as smoke or motion detectors, do not cost more to monitor. We do require a small down payment and contract for those wishing to finance, but your down payment will go toward the installation cost, and is not an "activation" fee.

Do your homework, and make sure you do an apples-to-apples comparison on the overall price for what you're getting. Many times people don't realize until it's too late that they paid hundreds more over the course of their 3-year (sometimes more) contract, because they didn't ask questions or read the fine print. Some questions to ask:

  • Will my monitoring fee be raised during the contract period? (a common practice with the big companies) If you want to be able to compare your overall costs, you need to know if your monthly fees will change.
  • Do you use universal or proprietary parts? Many times, alarm companies make it difficult for you to switch monitoring companies because they use proprietary equipment that no other company can use.
  • Will I own the equipment once the contract is up?
  • Do you auto-renew contracts? (this is a new one to watch out for...read the fine print!)

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For additional information on financing, call our office at 816-229-9375.

*Contract required for customers needing financing.  Alarm.com subscribers are required to sign contract with Alarm.com.